Basic Plan for Economic Growth

Basic Plan for Economic Development

Urban Development Strategies in Economy

Urban Development Strategies in Economy
Strategic DirectionsPromotion Overview
Building a
knowledge base
  • Creating a Knowledge-Technical Industrial Location
    • Development of new industrial complexes, advancement of industrial areas and industrial complexes, etc
  • Establishing industry-academia-research-government regional industrial networks and supporting SME management
    • Attracting R&D institutions of new growth engine industry and creating innovation clusters
    • Concentration and sophistication of knowledge-based industries, innovation in domestic and overseas sales channels, etc.
    • Building a foundation for knowledge industrialization in response to the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Strengthening the startup system
    • Establishment of the Bucheon Talent Employment Foundation (tentative name) to resolve local employment mismatches
    • Operating 'Dream Work Center' and 'Youth Liter#,' which are spaces to support youth employment and start-up
    • Fostering social enterprises, establishing local employment governance, and strengthening labor-business-civil society-government cooperation.
    • Establishing customized support infrastructure and operating programs for each stage of startup (preliminary, early, and leap)
competitiveness in
five specialized
  • Fostering next-generation growth engine industries by supporting high-value-added strategies in five specialized industries
  • Creating a national mold hub for the mold industry
    • Operating national mold infrastructure such as the Korea Mold Center
    • High-techization including a development project of smart mold technology platform
    • Transformation into intelligent digital mold companies
    • Holding the Bucheon International Mold Conference to present advanced mold technology and strategic vision
  • Motorizing new growth in the lighting industry
    • Establishment of a research system, technical support, and human resource training for the development of core convergence technologies
    • Support for commercialization of human-centered eco-friendly lighting
  • Advancing the robotics industry
    • Support for commercialization of robot convergence parts and establishment of infrastructure such as research equipment
    • Performance evaluation and reliability verification of robot parts, and training professionals in robot industry
  • Creating a hub for packaging industry
    • Establishment of industry-academia-research knowledge industry network, technical support, and human resource training
    • Government awards, exhibitions, and international symposiums for new packaging technologies
  • Establishment of a foundation for fostering the ceramic industry
    • Establishment of ceramic infrastructure, technical support, and human resource training
    • Establishment of a foundation for customized startup support for each stage of growth, etc.
Advancing the distribution industry and local businesses
  • Strengthening the functions of Bucheon Ojeong Logistics Complex
    • Expanding the functions of the urban regeneration high-tech logistics complex and creating a livestock distribution complex
  • Strengthening competitiveness of traditional markets and small businesses
    • Revitalizing local businesses by issuing Bucheon local currency
    • Completing modernization of the traditional market and enhancing competitiveness by improving the level of management and services
    • Fostering specialized markets by location, including strengthening the foundation for self-reliance of small business
  • Fostering customized urban agriculture for the happiness of citizens
    • Operating eco-friendly citizens’ farms and urban agriculture experience centers
    • Operating box gardens, experience events, and Yeowol Agricultural Park