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Gyeonggi Arts High School attests to Bucheon's success in boosting school education and students' creativity. The high school was established in 2003 with the goal of fostering creativity and intellect, and enhancing art education. As the school has a dormitory, many creative talents gather from all over the country. It provides literary education through Korean language and English language classes while offering professional education in cartoon creation, music, art, and theater and film as regular subjects.

[On May 2, 2003, there was a building dedication for the Gyeonggi High School of Arts. The Gyeonggi High School of Arts is a rare public institution in the Gyeonggi region which offers four distinct areas in the arts including: art, music, theatrical drama and creative cartoons. Through regional society associations, enrolled students are given the opportunity to perform and to express their artistic talents. ]
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    [A photograph taken of the ‘Cartoon Creation Group’ publication party exhibition put together by students from the Gyeonggi High School of Arts. This exhibition was held from November 24 through to November 30 in 2016. *The venue for this exhibition was Gyeonggi Art Hall which is within the Gyeonggi High School of Arts.]
[The Changyong Elementary School’s brass band practicing for the Bucheon Art Valley performance. ]


Art Valley Project

Bucheon strives to enhance literary and art education further in general high schools. In this respect, the Art Valley Project, launched in 2011, is a case in point. This public education project aims to utilize the city's abundant cultural and artistic infrastructure to enable students to experience culture and arts as part of the regular school curriculum with the ultimate goal of boosting their creativity and building character. As a result, Bucheon students take regular classes in literature, music, and movies with not additional financial burden thanks to the support of the municipal government. Starting with 14 programs in 34 schools in the first half of 2011, the Art Valley Project was expanded to all elementary and middle schools in 2012, and all elementary, middle and high schools in 2013. In 2015 around 6,000 students participated in 199 art education programs.

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    [The Changyeong Elementary School’s wind orchestra performing Mambo No.5. This was during the Bucheon Art Valley performance held at the Bucheon Citizen’s Hall on August 10, 2015. *Note: Changyeong Elementary School was founded in 1992 and it is a public institution located in Goean-dong within the city of Bucheon. There are a total of 65 elementary schools within the city of Bucheon. These children are able to enjoy the dynamic cultural benefits that Bucheon offers in the form of Bucheon Art Valley programme – the greatest benefit being that they are able to participate and experience the arts.]
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