Research Institutes

Research Institutes
Institute NameCharacteristicsAddressContactHomepage
Korea Electronics Technology Institute Intelligent Mechatronics Research CenterDevelop mechatronics, core component tech. & system tech.203-101 Bucheon Technopark, 192 Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-624-1080
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Mold Technology CenterCultivate mold industry in Bucheon, increase productivity and high value added1st floor, BD301, 36-1 Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu032-624-4711
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Packaging Technology Support Centerpackaging industry growth policy, build basis, support tech. development1st ,2nd floors BD301, 36-1 Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu032-6244-777
Korea Institute of Lighting TechnologyDevelop mechatronics, core component tech. & system techBD A 3rd floor Bucheon Daewoo Technopark, 187-7 Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-624-1080
Korea Measuring Instruments Research AssociationOffer comprehensive support including Tech. development, test, marketing, etc.203-901, 192 Bucheon Technopark, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-234-3131
Korea Sensor Research AssociationDevelop sensor related tech., standardization, & study industrial policy203-704 192 Bucheon Technopark, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-621-2626
Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry Bucheon BranchAssessment test, analysis, certification of safety & performance203-103 192 Bucheon Technopark, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-328-2793
Control Automation and Systems SocietySupport investigation & research, academic exchange regarding control/robot system tech,401-1506 192 Bucheon Technopark, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-234-5801
Bucheon University Total TP Tech, Support CenterTeach TP tech & industry-academia joint tech. development projectBldg. 401, 13 floor 193 Bucheon Technopark, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-234-5900
Korea Polytechnic University Intelligent Healthcare System Research instituteResearch intelligent health-care systemBldg. 401 12 floor 193 Bucheon Technopark, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-327-8838
Chung-Ang University Bucheon Design & Management CenterSupport industrial design/brand development, consulting401-1402 4 complex 193 Bucheon Technopark, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu032-328-4660