Strategic Industry


Mold picture
The capital area is the heart of the domestic manufacturing industries including automobiles, electronics, semi-conductors, etc., and the component molding manufacturers for these firms’ products are widely distributed. The city has the geographic advantages to achieve quality improvements for the domestic mold industry and to satisfy the huge demand for molding products.
Bucheon City is a central manufacturing city with close proximity to a convenient transport network, airport, and ports, as well as a molding manufacturer cluster: it is expected to play an increasingly important role as the mold industry cluster in the future.
The city has constructed its mold industry technology infrastructure by establishing the Total Mold Tech. Support Center and the Korea Die & Mold valley. These provide One-stop Solutions through cultivating manpower, information infrastructure building, technology development, local and overseas PR, etc., thus making this the ideal forward base for advancing as a world-class mold industry.


Lighting picture
The city has established a systematic supporting system to grow the advanced lighting industry with the development of cutting-edge technologies, standardization of technologies, manpower cultivation, etc. by inviting the Korea Institute of Lighting Technology and attempting functional revitalization.
Based on the existing lighting industry environment, the city will build a lighting manufacturer cluster and continue to develop advanced light source technology such as highly-efficient LED, etc. to advance the lighting industry and realize their high value-added transformation.
Bucheon City has about 8% of lighting manufacturers, which will increase to about 17%. Including the neighboring Incheon Metropolitan city in Korea, it has the potential to grow into Korea’s leading city for the lighting industry.


Robot picture
Bucheon City also has a component industry cluster that serves as a solid foundation for the robot industry including precision electronics, electric, machinery parts, etc., and 19 firms among 100 domestic robot manufacturers have moved in, thereby securing its status as the mecca of robot commercialization in Korea.
To enter the global intelligent-type service robot market, it seeks to become a foothold for robot production and technology development by attempting to cluster robot-related R&D institutes and specialized robot producers. The city will also promote the industrialization of intelligent-type service robots through the fusion between the robot related advanced component industry and the cultural content industry.


Packaging picture
Bucheon City has many component and material manufacturers that supply components to the western and southern parts of Gyeonggi. The area is also an ideal stronghold for component supply because many conglomerates are closely located to Bucheon. It is also easy to export components and materials to newly emerging markets such as China and India through the West Sea transport network.
This sector will provide concentrated packaging tech. support through invited special packaging research institutes, packaging services, professional technician cultivation, and networking. It will also foster a world-class packaging cluster by developing new fusion technology (environmentally-friendly, NT, BT, IT), achieving universal package design focusing on customer convenience, realizing comprehensive manufacturing service (logistics, design, consulting), etc.

Comics, Visual

Comics, Visual picture
Bucheon City was selected as a cultural industry cluster (Mar. 2002) by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism that extensively cultivates cultural content industries that are consistent with local characteristics. The city has been growing the comics and animation industries as a "forward base of Korean animation."
The city has established the Korea Manhwa Content Agency in the Bucheon Movie Cultural Complex and established a full-packaged support system from the production of drafts to business areas such as planning, production, and sales. This area is being actively developed as the best animation and visual industry base in Asia.