Industry Environment

Industry Environment

Bucheon City is the central city in the western capital area, and has the largest industrial clustering facilities marked by a convenient transport network, as well as a high concentration of relevant firms and research institutions.

Industry Environment
Convenient Transport and Distribution

Bucheon City is a global distribution environment whose transport network has access to not just Seoul, but any place in Korea, as well as easy access to the international airport and Incheon ports.

Great access with Seoul-Incheon Subway and the planned opening of the extended line of the Subway Line No. 7 (2012)

Smooth logistics for Seoul and capital area with the Seoul-Incheon Expressway and Seoul Ring Expressway

Easy access to Seohaean Expressway to facilitate fast nationwide transport

Highly convenient for international business as a satellite city for the Incheon International Hub Airport

With the establishment of Ojeong Logistics Complex (2012), extensive distribution capability in connection with Incheon International Airport, the Incheon port, and Gyeongin Canal will become available.

Largest Industrial Clustering Facility in Korea

Bucheon City is continuously expanding the knowledge-based manufacturing industry and its own clustering facilities. Bucheon plans to drive the industry’s growth, leading the way into the future as an economic city founded on a knowledge-based industry by forming strategic industry centered clusters.

Key Apartment Type Plants
Key Apartment Type Plants
Classification1st Bucheon Technopark2nd Bucheon Technopark3rd Bucheon Technopark

* Complex I: 364 Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu

* Complex II: 192 Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu

* Complex III: 365 Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu

* Complex IV: 193 Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu

* 36-1 Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu
No. of Firms433445940
Characteristics of Firms

* Cutting-edge industry research cluster (Bldg. 203)

  • Small motor, sensor, measuring instruments(34 firms)
  • Korea Sensor Research Association
  • Korea Measuring Instruments Research Association
  • Korea Electronics Technology Institute

(Intelligent Mechatronics Research Center)

* Robot industry research cluster (Bldg. 401)

  • Robot & Robot components (18 firms)
  • Bucheon Robopark (1st, 2nd levels)
  • Korea Electronics Technology Institute

(Intelligent Robotics Research Center)

* ManufacturingㆍVenture enterprise cluster

  • Manufacturing, knowledge, IT industry
  • Korea Materials & Components Industry Agency
  • Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

(Mold Technology Center, Packaging Technology Support Center)

Key Apartment Type Plants
ClassificationDaewoo TechnoparkChunui TechnoparkChunui Technopark II
Location187-7 Dodang-dong, Wonmi-gu200-1 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu201-1 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu
No. of Firms385340200
Characteristics of Firms
  • lighting industry cluster
  • Korea Institute of Lighting Technology
  • Lighting firms(30 firms)
Electricity, electronics, IT, RT firms
  • Visual industry cluster
  • Visual, animation (42 firms)
Ojeong General Industrial Complex

Location: Around 428 Ojeong-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon City

Advanced mold and packaging clusters

Ojeong Logistics and Distribution Complex

Location: Around Ojeong-dong and Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon City

Offers comprehensive logistics functions including office buildings, common collection & shipping center, large scale stores, joint livestock market, etc.