Bucheon City BI

Buchoen's Symbol Mark(logo)

The logo of our city is the peach blossom, the flower of our city. The five petals inside the square represent the five mountains and invoke the image of stability. The five stamens stand for the potential for future development and expansion.

Bucheon City Brand

Buchoen's Symbol Mark(logo)

“Fantasia Bucheon” is a city that dynamically develops as we make great strides toward the future.

As a city brand that accentuates the charm of Bucheon, “rhythmic character arrangement and color, symbolizing “diverse fun, pleasure, and happy melody” represent Bucheon’s future as a new conceptual city where fun and vibrant culture and advanced cutting-edge industry interact for mutual growth and development.

The word mark features interconnected alphabet characters to convey our idea of a systemic urban network and organic infrastructure in Bucheon where various industries, natural environment, and people coexist in harmony.

Peach Tree

The Tree of the City (市木): Peach Tree

Wild peach trees have been growing around Mt. Seongju in Bucheon since long ago. Improved peach trees were first cultivated in the 1990s. Thanks to optimal growth conditions such as gentle slopes for better drainage, an annual average temperature of 11~15℃, etc., the peach tree is the city’s representative agricultural product.

To revive the old ambience and respect with which Sosa peach has been regarded, the city has changed its official tree from the ginkgo tree to the peach tree.

Peach Blossom

The Flower of the City (市花): Peach Blossom

The official flower of Bucheon city is the peach blossom.

From late April to early May when flowers come in full bloom, the city holds the Boksagol Arts Festival for the citizens to enjoy together.

Young Hawk

The Bird of the City (市鳥): Young Hawk

Bucheon City has designated the brave young hawk its official bird in 1990.

The young hawk represents progress toward a bright future for the city. It is our hope that Bucheon grows as swiftly and gloriously as the young hawk soars in the sky,